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Note that your final itinerary includes comprehensive documents with very relevant information in which every effort is made to cover all of the essentials. During the planning stages no question is too odd to ask.

Is it safe to go on safari?

Africa is a massive continent.Yes, thereare could be some risk whilst travelling on safari however, it is no more dangerous than travelling anywhere else in the world. You will be in wildlife rich areas most of the time you are on safari and will come into relatively close contact with wild animals. The camps are, however, safe and the guides that will be accompanying you are well trained

Where are the best places for a wildlife safari in Africa?

If you’re a first-timer to Africa then we highly recommend you choose East Africa, Especially Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. East Africa is renowned for the famous migration in Tanzania ‘s Serengeti and Kenya ‘s Masai Mara. This is all about volume. Loads and loads of wildebeest, gazelle and zebra moving in a year-round migratory sweep across the plains. There’re other exceptionally good areas in East Africa where there might not be so much volume but there’s lots of variety.

When is the best time to go on safari?

It depends on what you want to experience and where you decide to go on safari.

How much will a safari cost?

price will depend on where you travel to, when you travel, the lodging standards that are chosen, the duration of your stay at different spots, the connections between each and the needs for permits and entry fees.

Do I need to get medical advice before travelling to Africa?

Yes – speak to your doctor before you travel. Get accurate and current advice on medical guidance.

What sort of travel insurance will I need?

Travel Insurance is very important and all our clients must have an insurance policy before travelling with us. We recommend that you take full international medical and travel protection insurance

Will we have electricity?

Power in the lodges varies from area to area; for the most part 12 volt battery power is provided, which is charged by generators whilst you are out of camp during the day. You will be able to charge your camera batteries whilst staying in a lodge. On the camping and canoeing safaris the lights are limited to hurricane lamps and flashlights, for charging batteries etc. you can use an adapter to plug into the vehicle power outlet.

Are children allowed on African safaris?

Africa is a great destination for children; however, the majority of safari lodges and camps have a minimum age limit of 6 (some of them 12 years of age). Due to the active nature of African safaris, most camps and lodges require that children need to be 6 years in order to participate in game activities. This will always be at the ranger’s discretion.

How many people travel on your established safaris?

In keeping with our commitment to personalized service and exclusive arrangements, a Encircle East Africa Travel is always small and intimate in size—carefully designed to avoid any “big-group. Our most intimate safaris have 6-14 travellers. and we never have more than 20 on any tour.

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