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Before Travelling anywhere its always important that you consider your Health and safety. A pretravel consultation with a travel health care provider is essential. Multiple vaccinations as well as malaria prophylaxis may be required. Health advice must be specific to the country you’re visiting.

Speak to your doctor about Malaria

Malaria is present in several countries in Africa and if not treated, can lead to further health complications or worse, lead to death. Travelers should consider taking an anti-malarial before traveling however it's important to chat with your doctor as some anti-malaria work better than others. Other preventive medication and personal protection—wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, using insect repellents, and sleeping under permethrin-impregnated mosquito netting.

Yellow Fever

You should consult a travel medicine professional for the very latest information regarding yellow fever. The World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC update yellow fever activity and vaccination recommendations regularly. Currently, WHO and CDC recommend yellow fever vaccination for much of sub-Saharan Africa

Keep safe from the wild animals

Wild animals are unpredictable. Travelers should follow verbal and written instructions provided by safari guided. Animal-related injuries are extremely uncommon and usually result when travellers not following the rules, for example, like approaching animals too closely to feed or photograph them and please use your low bitch so you don’t scare animals away.

Other tips to avoid illness are

Water Safety

There are not many places in Africa where you can drink water straight from the tap. Drink and brush your teeth with purified, treated water only. Keep your mouth closed while taking a shower. Avoid ice and icy drinks unless you know the ice has come from a safe source.

Be a Compulsive Hand Washer

A bottle of hand sanitizer should be carried with you and be used after visiting the restroom, before each meal, after handling money, before putting-in or taking-out contact lenses, touching animals etc. Hepatitis A and typhoid are passed in human feces, so be a compulsive hand washer.

Avoid Mozzie Bites

Use DEET and permethrin, long sleeves and pants and bed nets to prevent insect bites and contracting diseases. Need more tips? Check out this article on minimising mosquito bites.

Watch What You Eat

Part of the travel experience is trying all the amazing and diverse dishes from the many countries in Africa. But sometimes things don't go to plan and you may end up with a dose of traveler's diarrhea or worse, hepatitis A or typhoid. You need to know what to look for when planning to eat out, otherwise you could end up stuck to the toilet or laid up in hospital.

Talk to someone who has been there

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