Philanthropic Safaris

Philanthropic Safaris

Philanthropic Safari

We developed Encircle East Africa to bridge two worlds and cultures. When we work with you, we are welcoming you to our homes, our villages, and our corner of the world. It is our passion to bring your dreams to life through amazing, authentic encounters that will be etched into your imagination forever.

We not only empower the traveller, we also ensure your travel experience has a positive impact on local people, conservation and communities. This is a genuine commitment we make not just to you, but also to ourselves and our home community.

We are supporting Maasai villages in Northern Tanzania to regenerate their land and become unique and sustainable tourist destinations.

Many Maasai villages are located in the catchment areas of Serengeti, Ngorongoro or Kilimanjaro, but do not benefit from the millions of tourists visiting these areas each year. With drought from climate change and reducing lands, traditional pastoralist activities are no longer enough to live on. This critical situation has resulted in a need for the Maasai to seek new ways to make a living.

EEAT In Partnership with Future Warriors Project is supporting Maasai villages to successfully participate in the booming Tanzanian tourism market by working with them to preserve and regenerate natural environments for tourism. In partnership with local villages, we are building campsites, WASH facilities and creating and marketing cultural tourism itineraries. Overtime this will help to provide alternative livelihoods and economic benefit to their rural communities.

If you are interested to have add an authentic cultural tourism experience to your wildlife Safari, contact us.

Philanthropic Safaris

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