Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Ethical tourism, sustainable tourism and responsible tourism are often used interchangeably referring to the same thing: doing right by the people, the environment and the economy. Travel trends globally are becoming more “conscious” and the shift to “travelers” instead of “tourists” is catching on too.

Sustainable tourism refers to the uplifting and respect of cultures and communities of the destination; having the least possible impact on the environment of the destination, and supporting the destination economy through the use of services and products that are locally sourced.

Ethical tourism refers to the socially responsible way of interacting with communities of the destination by not being part of the process of exploitation; human trafficking and child slavery. Instead, by benefiting the communities involved by employment and supporting local business. It also refers to the preservation of wildlife and having a minimal impact on the environment. This also involves philanthropic travel where visitors become involved in ongoing projects established for the benefit of communities and or wildlife.

Responsible tourism is conscious management of tourism that minimizes the negative impact of tourism and enhances the positive impact. It is an ongoing process which leads to the destination being better for the local communities and visitors alike. It is measured by enhanced quality of life for the local communities; increased income; job satisfaction, and improved social, cultural and natural facilities.

The benefits of responsible tourism are enormous for both the tourism service provider and the traveler themselves. Visitors who are environmentally and socially conscious travelers are truly satisfied with this type of experience. There is an increasing demand to be immersed with nature and have authentic experiences that give deeper meaning to travel. For the destination community, it increases the value of cultural and environmental heritage and generates revenue for heritage protection. It enhances the improvement of infrastructure; promotes gender empowerment through female entrepreneurship; stimulates business; creates economic opportunities and supports community based tourism.

Encircle East Africa is a proud supporter of Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.

We employ local community members into our business; use local businesses for accommodation, transport, provision of food and beverages. We support projects that directly impact on communities at the destination. Through our nature-based experiences, we endeavor to appreciate the culture, people and environment with minimum negative impact. Be part of the process by travelling with us, it will make your journey so much more meaningful!

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