Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park Overview

Surrounded by Tea Plantations and holding the title of the largest mountain rainforest in east Africa, Nyungwe Forest is honored as the most “preserved forest” in Africa. It is also known as the most important site for biodiversity in Rwanda, home to over 1,000 species. The forest covers an area of over 1,000 sq kilometers and extends into Burundi’s Kibira National Park.Nyungwe Forest has the largest tropical afro-montane rainforest or woodland zone which transitions to a higher afro-alpine zone of grasslands, shrub lands, or moorlands (tree species diversity) receiving over 2,000mm of rainfall annually feeding into Rwanda’s largest water catchment area which provides two-thirds of all of Rwanda’s water. The water also feeds into both the Nile River and Congo River. The Kamiranzovu swamp and waterfalls, walking trails and east Africa’s only forest canopy walk allow for bird viewing and primate tracking opportunities. Vegetation like the 160 species of orchids and butterflies are some of the beautiful sights to be taken in during this hike, you can also find over 300 different bird species, 75 mammal species including the 13 primates, and there have also been the sightings of the golden monkeys.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Rwanda is, for most people, during the short and longer dry seasons, from December to early February, and June to September.

Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk

This canopy walk is also the first tree top forest canopy walk in east Africa and third in all of Africa. This canopy walk is 50 meters above the ground and 90m in length.You will see the monkeys playing around the tree tops and an abundance of birds that are flying above and below with the beautiful view of the huge Nyungwe Forest. The canopy walk is lead by your Encircle East Africa representative.

Birding in Nyungwe forest

Nyungwe Forest has 300 recorded bird species, of which 27 are common and found in the forests of the Albertine Rift. The Grauer’s Warbler can be found within the mountain swamps like the Kamiranzovou, the Rwenzori Turaco and the large blue Turaco, sun birds of many types like the purple breasted and the blue headed sun bird and can be found in flowering trees. Birding is lead by qualified guides and your Encircle East Africa representative.

Chimpanzee &Monkey Trekking

There are over 13 primate species found in NyungweForest. There have also been sightings of the golden monkeys reported. Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabeys and Ruwenzori Colobus Monkeys can also be observed. Monkeys can be seen in large groups of up to 300 colobus monkeys. Other monkeys include L’ Hoest’s monkey, the Owl faced monkeys, Mona monkey and the blue monkeys. Trekking is lead by a qualified guide and your Encircle East Africa representative.

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